WiFi Repeater Setup Wizard

Those who have set up the Home Network knows that there are some corners in the home where wireless coverage is not available and no internet access. This is a common problem with the wireless network as the range of your wireless router is limited. But, if you have WiFi Repeater Setup, you can effectively deal with this problem and continue to access the hassle-free internet throughout the home. The wifi repeater boosts the signals further into the different areas so that a user can easily access the internet. In this guide, we are sharing the simple steps to complete the WiFi Repeater Setup in your home. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid any sort of hassle in the setup process.

How does WiFi Repeater work?

Before you dip your hands in the WiFi repeater setup wizard, let’s know about the working of the wireless repeater. Wifi repeaters help to extend the wifi network coverage areas by amplifying the network signals and then transmit the signals into the wider range.

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WiFi Repeater Setup Process

If your router is up to date, located in a central location and free from the hindrance but you are still unable to browse the internet in your bedroom without using the phone network, then you definitely need to Wifi Repeater setup for your home. It is always recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to complete the setup process. Though, setup process id fairly consistent for most of the wifi routers. Below we are sharing the simple instructions that can help you in completing the setup process without any hassle.

  • Place your repeater in some convenient location and plug it into the power outlet. Make sure that your repeater location is within the range of the existing wifi coverage.

  • Connect your repeater using the laptop or computer for a wifi repeater setup. For this, you can use the Ethernet cable and connect it directly to your PC. this method is often recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Once they are a connection, open the local area network properties on your computer. On the Windows, click on the Start button, go to the Control Panel>>View Network Status and Tasks>>Manage Network Connections. After this, right-click on the ‘Local Area Network’ and select the ‘Properties’ option.

  • Check the instructions of the repeater to avoid mistakes. By default, the IP address that a user needs to enter is usually

  • Open any web browser and enter If it asks you to provide the address of the DNS server then leave that field blank. If you are asked to enter the username and password, then you can enter ‘admin’ in both fields. This will bring you to the WiFi repeater setup wizard. Proceed further with the setup wizard.

  • Select ‘Wireless Repeater Mode’ and click on the ‘Repeater-Onekey settings’ option. When it appears, click on the Wireless Network Selection button and go to the ‘Refresh list’.

  • Select the main router for establishing the connection between the router and repeater. Tap on the Next button.

  • Enter the wireless network password in the Pre-Shared Key field and at last, you have to tap on the ‘Apply and Reboot’ option. Click on the Ok button.

That’s All! Your Wifi Repeater Setup is now completed. Now, you can enjoy better wireless connectivity and find a better wireless range throughout your home. The mentioned guidelines are very simple, just make sure that you follow the instructions step by step carefully. 

So, its time to enjoy the pleasure of uninterrupted browsing with wifi repeater set up in any corner of your home.