TP-link extender setup

TP-Link Extenders are very popular among the users for boosting up the wireless signals. A user can experience the best wifi range for the different corners of their home after completing the TP-Link Extender Setup process. Whenever a user avails the internet services for their home, they need to complete the home network setup process. It allows all devices like computers, printers, tablets, laptops, etc to use the internet connection. The TP-link extender setup will not help to boost up the speed of the home network, but if you are also having the business firm, you can use the extender for the best wifi connectivity at the different corners.

Here, we are going to explain the step by step instructions that will help you in TP-Link Setup for the wireless network. Follow the mentioned instructions carefully to avoid any sort of hassle in the process:

My wifi extender
  • Start by providing the power supply to your TP-Link Extender.

  • Now, you need to find the Push or Lock button on your extender, press and hold the button for a few seconds.

  • Use your computer and get connected to the TP-Link Extender-XXXXX wireless network.

  • You will be directed to the default login page for the TP-link wifi setup that is or

  • Enter the login credentials for your extender. By default, the user name and password are ‘admin’.

  • Once you have logged in successfully, you need to choose the region in which you are residing to use the services.

  • Select your Home Wireless Network.

  •  Enter the Home network password. It is recommended to choose a unique SSID for your home network.

  • Tap on the ‘Next’ option.

  • Plug out your extender from your power outlet and place it anywhere as per your preference.

These are the simple instructions that will let you complete the TP-link setup at your home or office. In case, you find yourself stuck in the setup process, you can contact the Tp-Link experts for professional advice. The experts can help you to troubleshoot all the issues you are facing in the setup process and provide you with instructions to complete the setup through remote assistance. Once the setup process is completed, you can enjoy using the hassle-free internet anywhere at your home. So, don’t feel annoyed due to poor wireless range, contact the experts and get the problem resolved in no time.

Some Useful Tips To use the TP-Link Wireless Range Extender After The Setup

Below, we are sharing some useful tips for using the extender after the TP-LInk Setup so that you can enjoy the best working experience with the extender. 

  • Check and make sure that you have set the Unique name for your SSID network. This will help you in identifying the router and TP-Link Extender.

  • Place your TP-Link extender closer to your main TP-LInk router, this will help in better connectivity.

  • There must be enough uploading speed. You can easily test the uploading speed.

So, consider these guidelines and make the best use of your device.