Netgear Router Login

If you have ever done the router setup and configuration of Netgear router previously then you must be aware that the IP Address of Netgear Router is or and it is embedded in the router’s network memory itself. During the Netgear Router login, the most common mistake that users usually do is that they enter the incorrect IP address manually in the address bar which results in the denial of a web-based interface for router configuration. But, with the help of the Netgear Router Login web domain, this problem can be mitigated easily. 

A user can simply enter the address in the web browser and hit the enter button. This will navigate the user directly to the Netgear router portal.

My wifi extender

This web address redirects the users to the router setup portal where the user can customize the router settings as per their needs. In the below-mentioned section, we are sharing how you can log in to the Netgear router using the address and configure it. The most convenient way to connect the router is by using the WPS button.

  • Turn on your router by connecting it to the power supply.

  • Once you turn it on, you will see the light present on the indicator panel will start blinking. Wait until the lights get stable. This will show that your router is all set to connect.

  • Now, you have to press the WPS button present on the backside of your modem and router. Simultaneously, you have to click on the WPS button present on your device ( preferably on the laptop).

  • All the devices like modem, router, and the computer will be connected to the same network in just a short span.

The WPS method is a time-saving method and does not require multiple configurations like the other configuration methods. 

As of now, the device is connected to the router, you can simply open the web browser and modify the settings like the password for the Netgear router login, etc through the router login web domain address.

By default, the username and password for the router is ‘admin’.

You can follow the onscreen instructions to set up the rest of the things.

Advantages of the WPS Method

  • WPS method is easy to use and time-saving.

  • The WPS method does not need much technical knowledge for the network configuration.

  • Wifi protected setup does not need the Ethernet cables because it is wireless and needs just to press a single button simultaneously on different types of equipment.

Things to remember for the Netgear Router Login using the WPS Method

The WPS button on all the devices must be pressed at the same time. The gap between pressing the buttons should not be more than two or three seconds. However, if you are unable to press the WPS button the connectivity process will fail. So, make sure that you press all the buttons simultaneously. 

With the aforementioned steps and instructions, you can complete the Netgear router login without any hassle. Just make sure that you carefully consider all the mentioned guidelines as this will help you to avoid the hassles in the process.