Are you looking forward to setup Wavelink Extender using ap.setup? Well! We are here to help you. Wavelink Extender offers an incredible speed as compared to the other wifi boosters available in the market. The ap.setup uses the latest beamforming technology that allows the users to remain always connected to the network. The technology works by providing the bandwidth to your device even when you move around home or office. 

we are going to share the simple instructions that will help you to complete the ap setup wizard on your device without any hassle. Follow the guidelines carefully to avoid hassles in the setup process.

My wifi extender

How to setup using the AP Setup Wizard?

Some of the routers allow the users to set up their router range extender as the Wireless access (AP) or wireless extender for increasing the wifi network coverage. After that, it will work like a wireless device to share the wireless network connectivity. Here, one thing you have to note that when the extender turns in to access point and lose the functions of like DHCP Server, port forwarding, etc.

Multiple Modes in Single Device

You can enjoy using the two modes- Router Mode- This mode is for the time when the user wants to use the device as a router. Repeater Mode – This mode can be used when the user wants the device to extend the signals wirelessly. Ap.setup mode works as the hotspot when a user connects it to the Router’s ethernet cord.

Complete the Installation Within 10 seconds

Push the WPS button and the extender configuration will be done with the router. 

Wavelink AC1200 Setup through browser:
  • First of all, Plug-in your device to the router. After that, wait for a while and let the power gets stable.

  • Now, you have to turn o the button present on the repeater’s left side to the repeater mode.

  • Wait until the lights get stable.

  • Take your PC or Laptop and find out the Wavelink Wireless network in the WiFi list. It will be like Wireless or Wireless Not.

  • Once you are connected to the network, you can open the web browser. Now, in the URL box, type ap.setup and hit the enter button. If the link is not working, you can also use the wifi.wavelink.com or for the setup.

  • When it will ask for the ap setup login, you need to provide the username and password. Enter ‘admin’ as the username and password.

  • Follow the onscreen instructions and complete the Wavelink Repeater setup.

Setup the Wavelink WiFi Extender using the WPS Button

WPS is a very easy method to complete the Wavelink Extender Setup. Below we are sharing the step by step instructions to complete the process:

  • Place the extender in the wifi range.

  • Plugin the extender to the power outlet and wait till the booting process gets completed.

  • Find the WPS button on router, press and hold this button for at least 5 seconds.

  • Now, press the WPS button on Wavelink Extender within two minutes.

  • Wait till the WPS light turns to the solid green. This will establish a successful router connection.

So, complete the setup either using the WPS button or ap.setup and enjoy using the hassle-free internet access in your home or office. All the steps are pretty simple, just make sure that you follow the guidelines carefully.