Admin Wireless Password Change

If you are using the wireless internet then you will surely know about Have No idea? Well! This is a default login Dashboard address for the different routers. By using this address, a user can access the router’s dashboard and manage the SSID and password. In this guide, we are telling you about admin wireless password change. When you purchase any router, it comes with the default SSID and password. It’s pretty common not to remember the password as most of the time the default password is weird and too long. So, if a user wants admin wireless password change for the router, the below-mentioned information can help those users.

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A brief introduction about the is the Dashboard IP Address for the different types of router. By using this IP address a user can manage the settings of their Hotspot devices. You can check the device details, the status of the battery, IMEI, ICCID, MSISDN, IMSI, Hardware version, and firmware version with it. 

You can open this address by simply logging in the connected device using the default username and password. Just log in to the dashboard by providing admin username and password details and after that, you can manage the wifi hotspot setting. You can even change password of your router, change the SSID or the other router settings as per the comfort. 

To open the dashboard just enter this IP address ( in the Url box. By default, the username and password to login as ‘admin’. It is quite easy to change the login username and password, you can also change the username and password on the admin dashboard. Even, if you have forgotten the password, the hard reset can help you out. You can simply open the back cover and press the reset button to reset your device.

How To Change Any Type of Router’s SSID Name and Password?

  • Changing the SSID and Router Password is quite simple. Just log in to the and manage all the settings of your wireless network. To change the SSID and password, log in to the dashboard.

  • Here is the step by step instructions you need to follow:

  •  Login to the router dashboard and after that, you can easily change the password.

  • After logging in, go to the Settings>>Wifi. Here you can see the SSID( wifi name) and current security key (password). Change the password from here.

  • Enter the details and click on Apply.

  • Once the password is changed, save the settings. You will get disconnected from the router and you need to reconnect by providing the new password details.

How to change the Router Dashboard Username and Password?

Just like we have done the change password, we can also change the login username and password for the router. 

  • By default, the username and password for the router is ‘admin’. Start by logging with the default username and password i.e admin. Login in the router dashboard and the address for the dashboard is

  • Once you are logged in, click on the ‘Settings’ and tap on the User Management. Here, you can replace the old username with the new one. Type in the current password and then the new password.

  • Click on Apply. Once you do it, the username and password for the router will be changed.

  • After you click on Apply, you will be logged out from the Dashboard of the router. Now, you can use the new username and password to log in again.

These simple instructions will let you complete the Admin Wireless Password Change for your router. All the steps are pretty simple and easy to execute. Still, if you have any doubt,  you can visit the official website of the router and clear the query.